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Andrew Cooperstock

Pianist Andrew Cooperstock explores Leonard Bernstein’s inspired Anniversaries miniatures as effective works for teaching and performance.


Ukraine’s history is one of the world’s most dramatic and tragic, as is its history of music. This webinar offers an insight into the Ukrainian musical scene from 1800 to present.

Edna Golandsky

Edna Golandsky concentrates on the causes of pain and injury, and share how the Taubman Approach can cure and prevent them.


Explore unique rhythms and modes from the music of China, Brazil, Argentina, and India through repertoire spanning composed works and folk traditions.


Explore and reimagine music of the Baroque period with performance practice tips, lesser-known repertoire, and creative activities for students.

Tech Hacks

Learn new ways to apply current technologic innovations to your studio! These hacks enhance aspects of the studio environment, organization, and the lesson planning process.

Leann Osterkamp

Spatial-verbal education techniques allow you to become more responsive to student neurodivergence and further equity and cultural responsiveness.

Yu-Jane Yang

Excellent piano technique is built from the development of intelligent and creative musical problem solving, not just by playing scales and arpeggios at lightning speed.

Alison Barr and Scott Donald

This webinar explores how cultural exchange, social action, and community engagement projects can connect your students to the infinite power of music to create positive change!