Past Presidents


Since its founding in 1876, MTNA has been led by a group of devoted individuals who were elected by the membership to serve as national presidents of the association. In honor of their service, their names and terms of office may be found here. All living past presidents are highlighted at the beginning of the page.

Living Past Presidents


2021–2023 Karen Thickstun, NCTM
Nashville, Indiana
2019–2021 Martha Hilley, NCTM
Austin, Texas
2017–2019 Scott McBride Smith, NCTM
Lawrence, Kansas
2015–2017 Rebecca Grooms Johnson, NCTM
Columbus, Ohio
2013–2015 Kenneth J. Christensen, NCTM
Bozeman, Montana
2011–2013 Benjamin D. Caton, NCTM
Johnson City, Tennessee
2009–2011 Ann Gipson, NCTM
Aledo, Texas
2007–2009 Gail Berenson, NCTM
University Park, Florida
2005–2007 Paul Stewart, NCTM
Greensboro, North Carolina
2003–2005 Phyllis Pieffer, NCTM
Evergreen, Colorado
1997–1999 L. Rexford Whiddon, NCTM
Columbus, Georgia
1993–1995 James Norden, NCTM
Milwaukee, Wisconsin



Roster of MTNA Past Presidents

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Roster of MTNA Past Presidents