Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the evaluators? Professional music teachers and adjudicators.
When is the deadline? This is an ongoing event. There are no deadlines. Applicants may submit anytime.
Can anybody submit videos to be evaluated? Right now, the MTNA eFestival is open only to pianists. This includes students, teachers and hobbyists—literally anybody who would like a critique.
Will other instruments be added? Absolutely! Once we know the MTNA eFestival is running smoothly, other instruments and ensembles will be added.
I have younger students who play very short pieces. It would take a lot of pieces before they have 15 minutes' worth of music. Do you have suggestions? Take videos of your students as they complete new pieces, and keep the videos in personalized folders. Since there is no deadline, you can collect pieces over the course of time, and submit when each applicant has enough content. You can also start an application and upload videos over the course of a year before you submit. Your application will be "in progress" until you submit it.
Would this be an appropriate experience for someone with performance anxiety or stage fright? Absolutely! Videos can be made and remade until you get a good one. What can be more comfortable than performing on a familiar piano without an audience?
Why would I want to do this? Perhaps you live in a geographically remote area and don’t have opportunities to attend festivals or other evaluation events. Perhaps you are not able to travel, but would like an outside opinion. Perhaps you’re a professional teacher who hasn’t had a piano lesson in years, but would like a third-party critique on how you’re doing. Perhaps you are preparing for something big—an audition, competition or scholarship—and want to run through your program before the "big day." Any person, of any age and level can participate!
Why would a teacher submit a video? Teachers will benefit from having their own performances critiqued. Positive comments can be quoted for self-promotion on websites and printed material.
Is membership in MTNA required to participate? No, but all are welcome to join. Click here to join.
Do evaluators have to belong to MTNA? No, but membership is strongly encouraged. Click here to join.
Are you looking for additional evaluators? We are not accepting evaluators at this time.
Will the eFestival help students prepare for an upcoming competition or evaluation event? Yes! If the applicant is preparing for something big, having a preliminary set of ears listening and critiquing the repertoire will help with preparation.
Is any specific equipment required to make the video? Videos may be recorded on any device.
How are videos uploaded? Applicants must create an account with Acceptd to submit an application and the videos for the eFestival. If a teacher has more than one student submitting for the eFestival, each individual student will create a separate account. As part of the free Acceptd account, applicants will be able to access resources, manage their media, communicate with MTNA and explore additional arts opportunities.
What is Acceptd? We partner with Acceptd to run the application and evaluation process for the eFestival. The Acceptd network connects arts organizations and artists around the world.
Do I have to submit 15 minutes of music? Can it be shorter? You may submit a maximum of 15 minutes of music. Less than 15 minutes is fine.
Does it have to be one 15-minute video, or can I make several shorter videos? You may submit up to 8 videos, as long as the total time doesn't exceed 15 minutes.
Will this help me with college auditions? The MTNA eFestival is a great way to play for an expert before you audition for a music school. You may want to quote some of the comments you receive about your playing on your college application. It's always a plus to quote what other people have said about your talent and ability.
Who else will benefit from the MTNA eFestival? Let's say you won the first round in a competition and you are preparing for the next round. Playing your program for an MTNA eFestival evaluator, and receiving constructive feedback, will give you more confidence.
How much does it cost? $60 for up to 15 minutes of video
How long does it take to get my comments? In most cases, participants will receive comments on their performances via email 2–3 weeks after submission.
More questions? Contact the MTNA eFestival manager.

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