Sponsored Webinars

In addition to monthly educational webinars, MTNA offers the opportunity for corporate and institutional partners to present commercial webinars. These webinars provide an opportunity to reach an audience of MTNA members to share about new programs, services or products for studio music teachers.

How To Rebuild Your Enrollment During COVID-19

Presented October 2, 2020
By Marty Fort, Tim Benson and Kyong Lee
For Music Academy Success

You Can Get Your Enrollment Numbers Back To Pre-COVID Levels. This webinar covers:

  • Step By Step Instructions On How To Get New Students (And Formers Too).
  • Business Plans For Schools That Are Doing In Person And Online Lessons.
  • Business Plans For Schools That Are Only Doing Lessons Virtually (And Why That Can Hurt Your Business Long Term).
  • How To Calm Concerns About Reopening.
  • When To Market And What Marketing Sources To Use.
  • How To Hold “Virtual Recitals”.
  • How To Keep Your Students And Staff Safe.
  • And More.

If You Are Ready To Get Your Life And Business Back To Normal, Watch this webinar!


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