Sponsored Webinars

In addition to monthly educational webinars, MTNA offers the opportunity for corporate and institutional partners to present commercial webinars. These webinars provide an opportunity to reach an audience of MTNA members to share about new programs, services or products for studio music teachers.

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Webinar Details and Guidelines

  • Webinars are $1,999 and discounted to $1,749 for corporate and institutional members.
  • Full payment is required three weeks in advance of scheduled sponsored webinar.
  • Attendance at educational webinars has ranged from 150–800 participants (minimum attendance is not guaranteed).
  • Webinar will be 60 minutes or less.
  • Two blast emails will be sent to the MTNA membership publicizing the webinar (approximately 19,000 email addresses).
  • Webinar will be archived in the members-only section of the MTNA website for one year.
  • Webinar will be hosted and registration managed through the MTNA WebinarJam platform and coordinated by the MTNA advertising sales representative and the webinar coordinator.
  • MTNA reserves the right not to accept a webinar sponsor.

For questions or to reserve your webinar, contact:
Advertising Sales Representative
Phone: (888) 512-5278, ext. 232