Article of the Year

Established in 2014, the MTNA e-Journal Article of the Year Award recognizes outstanding contributions to MTNA's professional online journal. Members of the MTNA e-Journal Editorial Committee select an article from those written expressly for the e-Journal and published online during a calendar year. Articles are judged on the basis of the quality of writing and relative importance of the subject matter.

Year Title Author(s)
2024 Analysis of Practice by Novice Musicians in a Piano Class Margaret L. Brown and Robert A. Duke
2023 Reaching Out to the Youth: The Guia Prático, Álbuns Para Piano by Heitor Villa-Lobos Verena Abufaiad
2022 Breathe and Move: Effects of a 12-Week Yoga Curriculum on Pre-Collegiate And Collegiate Pianists Elaina Burns, NCTM, Christopher Madden, NCTM, and Paola Savvidou, NCTM
2021 The Inclusive Studio: Teaching Students with Disabilities in the Private Piano and String Lesson Settings Diana Dumlavwalla, NCTM, and Katarzyna Bugaj
2020 Music Performance Anxiety: The Role of Teachers in Addressing Anxiety in Adolescent Students and Beyond Clara Boyett Hassen, NCTM
2019 The Best Of The British: Selected Educational Piano Works By Alec Rowley Adrienne Wiley, NCTM
2018 Transitioning From Traditional To Online Piano Lessons: Perceptions Of Students, Parents and Teacher Diana Dumlavwalla, NCTM
2017 The Pedagogical Value Of 'Enjoyment' In The Classical Piano Studio: A Research Report On A Transdisciplinary Study William Westney, Cynthia M. Grund, James Yang, Aimee Cloutier, Jesse Latimer, Michael O’Boyle, Dan Fang and Jiancheng Hou
2016 Assessing Injury Risk In Pianists Using Objective Measures To Promote Self-Awareness Paola Savvidou, NCTM; Brad Willis; Mengyuan Li and Marjorie Skubic
2015 Colorful Illustrations In Piano Method Books: A Pilot Project Investigating Eye Focus Gilles Comeau
2014 Non-Traditional Notation And Techniques In Student Piano Repertoire Kevin D. Richmond