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From Surviving to Thriving: Mindset and the Ability to Earn a Good Income (Open Access)

Many musicians dream of a successful career, but lack the financial tools to support their creative vision. By working with money mentor and accountant Katherine Pomerantz, I learned that business and creativity are two sides of the same coin.

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Being A Starving Artist Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

If we are not happy with our income, do we see ourselves as suffering victims of society's disregard for the arts? How can we avoid the starving-artist syndrome?. …

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Technology Tips and Tools: Learn the Best Ways to Save Money, Track Your Income/Expenses and Get Paid in 2022 (Open Access)

Check out some of our favorite tools for getting paid, tracking mileage, managing expenses and even saving money in 2022. …

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Technology Tips and Tools: The Best Music Studio Management Applications for Music Teachers (Open Access)

Gone are the days of keeping track of financial records in a written ledger. Not only are there valuable accounting apps, we now have online programs developed specifically for music teachers to assist with registrations, auto invoicing, scheduling lessons, payment reminders, communications with parents/students and more. Here are four excellent programs worth considering. …

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How Do I Fund Thee? Let Me Count the Ways (Open Access)

Fundraising is not an Elizabethan tragedy. Successful fundraising is a concrete plan of action with specific, targeted and diversified activities. Fundraising can be undertaken by a Collegiate Chapter, a non-profit organization, an individual teacher or performer—anyone! Let's count the ways! …

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Grantwriting 101: Just The FAQs

Grants can provide a source of revenue for individuals, organizations and associations. A faculty member applies for a university research grant; a collegiate member applies for a travel grant; an independent teacher applies for a professional development grant; a non-profit academy applies for equipment funds; or a state/local affiliate applies for project funding.

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From a CPA’s Perspective: Top 5 Ways to Prepare Your Records for a CPA (Open Access)

Nervous about your taxes? See the Top 5 recommendations from a CPA/piano teacher on ways to prepare your records for your tax return.

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A Brief Tax Guide for the Independent Music Teacher

This MTNA-published Q & A-style booklet was compiled by a CPA to answer basic questions related to the business of music teaching.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning: You Can Never Start Too Soon (Open Access)

My favorite quote about planning for retirement comes from Chris Hogan, “The Retirement Fairy isn’t coming!” …

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Financial Health 1-uh-oh…I mean 101 (Open Access)

Congratulations! You have a wonderful career at a professionally run independent studio, a prestigious university or a successful community school of the arts. You are on the road to financial success. Well… maybe not. …

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