Sponsored Message eMail Service

Music Teachers National Association invites you to advertise your event, program, product or service through its Sponsored Message Email Service. Your company can design, or have MTNA design, a branded HTML message that MTNA will send on your behalf via e-mail to its members, saving you print and postage costs. (Email addresses will not be provided).

Overall Demographic Information:

  • 90% Female
  • 10% Male
  • $40,000 Average Income

Teaching Categories:

  • 77% Keyboard
  • 11% Voice
  • 7% Strings
  • 5% Woodwind, Brass, Percussion

Base Cost (includes 1 selection criteria):

  • $0.35 per e-mail address
  • $5,000 for entire MTNA membership blast (approximately 18,000 e-mails)

Additional Selection Criteria (state, teaching area, teaching type, zip code)

  • Add $25 flat fee per selection


  • Minimum order: $500
  • MTNA-designed e-mail: $125
  • For those providing a JPG, GIF or HTML code: Allow 5 working days for mailing after required materials and payment are received.
  • For MTNA-designed email: Allow 10 working days for mailing after required materials and payment are received.
  • Rush orders less than 5 days, add $50.
  • Cancellation fee: $50.
  • Full payment required before e-mail will be sent
  • Advertiser will receive a test version of the email for approval prior to being sent to full list.

Terms of Use:

  • MTNA will not merge its email list with any other association/company lists.
  • MTNA reserves the right to refuse, without acknowledgment, sponsored email requests that do not fit the best interests of its membership.
  • MTNA believes the content provided by advertisers to be correct and not misleading. MTNA will not be responsible for the accuracy of paid content.
  • MTNA does not guarantee the outcome of any sponsored email.
  • Advertisers and their agencies are liable for all contents of their sponsored email and are responsible for any claim arising therefrom against MTNA. Advertisers and their agencies agree to indemnify MTNA against any expense and loss suffered by reason of such claims.

MTNA Will Need For Each Mailing:

  • You Design:  Completed design from service like MailChimp or Constant Contact, Word Document or PDF with text and images, or HTML file accepted.
  • MTNA Designs: Text and images (PNG, GIF or JPG)
  • Maximum image size is 130kb
  • Maximum width is 590 Pixels
  • Subject Line: 45 characters or less
  • Company Contact Name and email address
  • Payment prior to sending out email

To receive an estimate, complete a request form request form.

Any questions contact mtnanet@mtna.org or (513) 421-1420.