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This webinar explores using music history to transform your recitals into not-to-be-missed events that captivate the audience from start to finish.

Thomas Lanners talks about how to maximize the benefits of daily practice sessions using variation as the foundation of your work. Transposition, rhythmic alteration and mirror image playing are discussed.

In this webinar learn how to maximize returns by using variation as the foundation of your daily work at the piano. Techniques such as transposition, rhythmic alteration and mirror image playing will be demonstrated using examples from standard repertoire.

Helen Marlais explains 12 points to nurture Artistic Personality including listening, imagination, dynamic control and physical gestures that support musical playing. Use these points to encourage each student in your studio to play with their own Artistic Personality!

This session shares practical “know-how” and examples of how to incorporate creative musicianship in a fun and sustainable way. Learn how to select and use repertoire as a jump-start for improvisation and composition.

This webinar aims to help teachers better understand and develop finger independence in their students using principals of biomechanics and neuroscience.

Margaret Miller

This webinar details what teachers can do to help guide students to a satisfying musical career, from choosing a school, program and teacher, to what life after music school might be and how future musicians can contribute to society.


Presenters provide innovative ideas for uniting universities, independent music teachers and students to create multiple powerful piano communities around the country.

Crystal Zimmerman

Enrich your student’s lives with new sonatina gems! This lecture uses visual and musical examples to further explore the sonatina repertoire.

Julie Jaffee Nagel

This webinar explores how music helps us understand our powerful feelings that have been triggered by COVID-19 and social injustice.