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Put Me In, Coach! Part 2 (Open Access)

Running a business takes a village. Your village might already include a tax accountant, attorney and website designer. Consider adding a business coach if you are unable to see a clear path forward, need accountability, feel overwhelmed or simply want to develop new skills. “Even superheroes don’t do it alone. Everyone needs collaboration and advice to conquer the world.” …

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Put Me In, Coach! Part 1

Jennifer felt stuck on how to thrive and not just survive. Laura needed to spruce up her job application materials; she also sought guidance when launching a new studio. Natalie wanted financial planning help before investing in physical studio space. Auksuole sought clarity as she restructured her studio and teaching philosophy. Alyssa desired a full-time career instead of a part-time studio income. What do these teachers have in common? They are successful business professionals, and at critical junctures, they sought guidance from a business coach. …

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Resolving Conflict: Essential Customer Service Skills for Independent Studio Owners (Open Access)

Do you ever find yourself intimidated by confrontational conversations? Do discussions regarding policies, procedures and payment plans make you squirm, or do you find yourself externally cringing when aggressive parents raise their voices and attempt to manipulate and bend you to their will? You’re not alone. …

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Top Five List: MTNA Professional Development Resources

Have you checked out these MTNA professional development resources recently? A vast amount of experience and insight is right here at your fingertips. Peruse these pages and come away with new ideas, helpful tools and creative ways to change up your studio. …

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