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Put Me In, Coach! Part 2

Running a business takes a village. Your village might already include a tax accountant, attorney and website designer. Consider adding a business coach if you are unable to see a clear path forward, need accountability, feel overwhelmed or simply want to develop new skills. “Even superheroes don’t do it alone. Everyone needs collaboration and advice to conquer the world.” …

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Put Me In, Coach! Part 1

Jennifer felt stuck on how to thrive and not just survive. Laura needed to spruce up her job application materials; she also sought guidance when launching a new studio. Natalie wanted financial planning help before investing in physical studio space. Auksuole sought clarity as she restructured her studio and teaching philosophy. Alyssa desired a full-time career instead of a part-time studio income. What do these teachers have in common? They are successful business professionals, and at critical junctures, they sought guidance from a business coach. …

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Aun aprendo

At age 91, Lois Clouse is still teaching and, by her account, still learning. I had the good fortune to visit her studio last year. As she showed me around, she repeated the phrase, "Aun aprendo," almost as a mantra for herself. …

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Professional Development: A Priceless Investment

"To be a great teacher, one must first be a great student." I do not recall where I first heard this quote, but for any professional who aspires to excellence, it should be a lifelong mantra. Professional development (or continuing education or lifelong learning) is an essential element of the professional studio. …

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Professional Conferences and Organizations (Open Access)

Other than my academic degrees, nothing has shaped me more as a teacher, performer and professional musician than the many professional conferences I have attended, along with my longstanding membership in professional organizations. …

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