November 2017 MTNA e-Journal

What To Expect From Common Injury Prevention Methods
By Braulio Bosi

Warm-ups, stretching, taking breaks and resting are among the common injury prevention methods practiced by musicians. However, it is not entirely clear if they are effective or not, or how musicians should employ these strategies in their practicing routine. This article investigates the studies available to conclude whether these practices are worthwhile and concludes that while warm-up routines, as well as taking breaks or rests during practice, can be efficient on injury prevention, the benefits of stretching before, during or after practice have yet to be validated. [Read More]


Warming Up For The Warm-Up: A Case For Cardio Before Scales
By Adam Mayon

Many pianists of all ages and levels tend to start the warm-up process with reckless, technical passagework on the piano. In doing so, pianists are ignoring the potential of the whole body as part of the process of warming up. Since playing the piano is a full-body activity, there is more to warming up than engaging in activities solely on the piano. Three essential steps comprise of a complete warm-up: full-body warm-up, dynamic stretch and piano warm-up. This method instills the body with necessary benefits that enhance our playing and performing to our fullest potential physically and mentally. This article gives sample routines with specific directions from the author’s own perspective as both a pianist and certified personal trainer. From greater flexibility and endurance to a more focused mind, the benefits of a complete warm-up fully prep our bodies for the strenuous yet pleasurable activity of playing repertoire on the piano. [Read More]