November 2014 MTNA e-Journal

Reports From The 2014 Group Piano
and Piano Pedagogy Forum

Portraits Of Successful Music Schools
Presenters: Amy Immerman, NCTM; Judith Jain; Rachel Kramer, NCTM; and Kenneth Thompson
Reported by Zachary Lopes

Group Piano: Making It New With Practical Teaching Tips
Presenter: Tom Pearsall, NCTM
Reported by Thomas Swenson, NCTM

Group Piano Teaching Blunders
Presenter: Michelle Conda
Reported by Stephen Pierce

Online! My Experiment Teaching Group Piano—How I Did It, What I Learned, And Why I “Will/Will Not” Do It Again
Presenter: Suzanna Garcia, NCTM
Reported by Siok Lian Tan, NCTM

Online! Pedagogy Teaching
Presenter: Richard Shuster
Reported by Carol Gingerich

Perform: A Journey For Athletes, Musicians, Coaches And Teachers
Presenter: Paul Alexander
Reported by Cole Burger

Where Have We Been, And Where Are We Going?
Presenter: Tony Caramia
Reported by Eunjung Choi

Bringing It All Together
Reported by Tom Pearsall, NCTM

Teaching Tips Meet Lightning Talks
Moderator: Barbara Fast, NCTM
Reported by Olivia Ellis, NCTM

Update! Low-Cost And Free Apps For Your Studio
Presenters: Courtney Crappell, NCTM; and Andrea J. McAlister, NCTM
Reported by Chan-Kiat Lim, NCTM

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