MTNA Teaching Specialist Application

The Teacher Specialist Projects Application is a two-step process: 

Step I:  The candidate completes a Specialist Application and submits the application and fees to MTNA, 600 Vine St., Ste. 1710, Cincinnati, OH 45202. 

Step II:  The candidate completes the four Specialist Projects.

  • Candidates will have one year from the time the application and fees are received to complete the Specialist Projects.
  • All Projects and Videos must be uploaded online.
  • Applicants will receive written notification from MTNA when the specialist process is successfully completed.
  • If some part of the Specialist Project is evaluated as insufficient, the Specialist designation will be deferred until that Project is evaluated as sufficient.
  • Not following directions may result in an automatic deferral.


Application Time Limit Policy

The MTNA Teaching Specialist process must be completed within one-year from the date the application and fees are received at MTNA Headquarters. If the process is not completed within one year, the applicant may request, in writing, a single one-year time extension, after which an application extension fee will be assessed.