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Amy Chaplin

Jennifer Walschap

MTNA Business Digest, Volume 1, Issue 1

October 2021

With an overabundance of resources on the Internet, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are three valuable resources chosen specifically to assist you in your professional life.

The internet is full of so much content nowadays that it can be easy to feel like it’s coming at you from everywhere. Learn how to streamline and follow all your favorite sites/people without bogging down your email inbox or Facebook newsfeed!

Article: Managing Internet Content the Easy Way
Source: Piano Pantry

Pareto’s Principle is the concept that 80% of your results will be caused by 20% of your efforts. Stop trying to be good at everything and focus your efforts on what you are good at! The episode includes an activity that will take 10 minutes and help you gain clarity on what the 20% of activities is that gives you 80% of your results.
Episode: #167: The Secret to Making More Money While Working Less
Podcast: The Kate and Mike Show


Recommended Reading

Jennifer Walschap, NCTM

book cover;Many teachers who want to set out on their own worry about how they are going to make money. After rent, bills and supply expenses, there is not much left to pay yourself, let alone if you want to run a multi-teacher studio and must pay employees. What if you could reverse your system, and instead of paying yourself with whatever is left over, pay yourself first and make a profit? Profit First by Mike Michalowicz offers practical, well-planned steps and exercises to assist entrepreneurs in their quest for financial security.

Consider visiting Mike Michalowicz’s website to receive two core chapters of Profit First and an entire set of resources.

Whether you are just starting out on your own, looking to expand your business or have been teaching for years, this book is a business-changing resource that is a must-read.


Amy Chaplin


Amy Chaplin loves talking about all things piano teaching, studio business, organization, and good food-related. She combines all these passions at and runs a highly successful independent studio in Bluffton, Indiana.



Jennifer Walschap


Jennifer Walschap , NCTM, is the founder and director of Imagine Music and Arts in Norman, Oklahoma, where she teaches Suzuki piano. She received an MME degree in piano pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma.



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